09 Kasım HTS Metal Promotional Video

HTS Metal Promotional Video

   We have prepared a little video about our company which is growing day-to-day and serving to the world.

      HTS metal was established in June 2003, 600 m2 closed area with 15 employees in the area of Küçük Balıklı/ Bursa . With experienced employees who have worked in various automotive sectors and also our company aims at high quality production quiclk and timely made us most wanted supplier for automotive sector.

     While increasing business volume results in 2004 in 1000m2, the year of 2006 with 1700 m2,the year of 2009 with 5000m2 closed area,the new address, the work is ongoing.

    HTS Metal operates in metal industry with 120 employees in Bursa/Nilüfer Çalı Industry area. Primary  it produces and exports  to automotive sector. Secondry it produces parts for office furniture.

Parallel to the fast growing automotive sector, HTS Metal increased and diversified its machinery park higly. HTS Metal has capacity of processing 6000 tons sheet metal yearly.

    Additionally to our local customers, we have started to export , in 2010.

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